Monday, September 19, 2011

20 Coolest and most unique chess sets

You think you have the coolest dude in the block with your Staunton ebony chess set? well check these out.

1. The Glowing Chess Board, tired of your spouse begging (that is if not being yelled at) you to sleep and close the light, try to hide this under the bed, sleep at the edge of the bed so you can easily pull this out, a little snore will help.

carolingi chess set chesscraft

2. Chess cake white and dark chocolate. you'll know what happens to the piece after captured.
chess cake white and dark chocolate chesscraft

3. Bullet Chess Set Made from .223 Caliber Shells, Warning don't bring riffle while playing these.

chess bullets chesscraft

4. Two level chess set, this will be great in the garden.
two level bizaare chess set chesscraft

5. The Carolingi XIV Chess Pieces made with gold, cost $113,580.(Luxury chess sets)

carolingi expensive chess set

6. Lord of the rings chess set, perfect gift for LOTR fans.

lord of the rings chess set

7. Jim Arnold's scottish war chess  set.

scottish war cool chess set
8. War of 1812 chess set. Makes me want to look for Pirates of the Caribbean version.
9. Salvador Dali's finger chess set, one word "creepy"

10. Alien vs Predator chess set, a perfect treat for UFOlogists.

11. Ice chess set, not recommended for turtle chess players.

12. Lego chess set, could be a good start to motivate your kids.
13. Key chess set, turn every move to "key move"
14. Wobble chess set, this is very interesting if played in blitz or bullet games.
15. Greek Myth fantasy chess set, anyone can resist playing the queen, or perhaps capture his opponent's?
16. Starwars chess set, this will bring out the perfect geek in you.

17. Celestial chess set, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov should bring this on his next space travel with aliens.

18. Bladerunner movie chess set by JF Sebastian
19. Startrek chess set

20. Vibrator chess set, A new sex toy designed by New York-based product consultancy Aruliden, who needs one (32 actually)?


  1. Thanks for including my Scottish Wars for Independence Chess Set and the War of 1812 Chess Set!

    The Celestial Chess Set by Kirsan Ilyumzhinov is awesome!!!

    Jim Arnold

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  3. Very interesting.
    What you think about it:

  4. The startrek one really throws me off, im no expert but i love looking at the unique chess boards. I like what people can come up with. cool post.

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  6. I am always looking for cool places to buy unique chess sets. Thanks for posting these here.

  7. This is awesome! I've been looking to buy unique chess sets just like this. Thank you so much for sharing!

  8. Great post, and I have to say that out of all of those chess sets the ones that I would buy myself would be the wobble chess set and the key chess set.

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  10. This is really pretty cool place I like it because it has everything I want more on this blog soon.

  11. These chess sets are really cool! I really like the chess set that glows. I actually have a chess set from Africa. The pieces are all the major animals in Africa, including the lion, hippo, and tiger. They are all hand crafted and look amazing!

  12. These are some of the coolest chess sets that I have ever seen. They are all very unique and have a certain look to them that is like no other game out there. My favorite one would have to be The tenth one that is the Alien VS. Predator. The pieces are just so cool and so is the game board as well. Now if I could find a chess set like this that was up for sale, then I would probably play more chess.

  13. I think you might like Purling London luxury chess sets too!

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  15. Great sets, they remind me of some of the ones i saw on

  16. I thought I had a cool chess set because it was made of glass, but these are amazing. Some of these look like actual battlefields. I love the one that looks like a castle. However, I think my kids would all agree that the star wars table is the best. Thank you for all sharing, do you know if these are all one of a kind?

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  18. after all these years, I just now realized you have the Dali set pictured under my War of 1812 set, and my Scottish Wars for Independence Chess Set. What a compliment! At first, I also thought it a bit much, but I actually have seen it and held the pieces in my hands. Dali actually cast his hand and fingers in different positions to come up with the different pieces. One side solid gold and the other solid silver. The set is drop dead gorgeous!!! The whole concept is imaginative and unique, and shows Dali's love for the game. So many "artists" have designed chess sets. but none of those come close to what Dali achieved with this set...he put his money where his mouth, ...errrr..., hands are.

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