Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kinds of chess players

Pawn grabber
You'll see their eyes grow in full circle whenever sees a free pawn.
pawngrabber gollum lord of the rings chess
I love kings gambit My preciousss.


While most chess players are dreaming moves in front of a chessboard, others do it literally, only few explanations crosses my mind, they deprived sleep by reading opening theories or stalked the bar waitress a night before.

sleeping chess


If you are unfamiliar with chess and happens to cross to a one playing, their gestures will hint on whats going on. A seesaw game will be a wonderful sight.

Drunken master
drunk chess player
Alekhine mastered this technique, although it is no secret he lost most, he have manage to win few (at least adding humiliation to his opponent).


This would stare at you all game long, like how a cowboy would try to flirt with a lady in a bar.
nepomniatchi stare chess chesscraft

The best actor

Bit similar to emo, the difference is that their reaction is deceptive, like for instance, they will offer a piece sacrifice with an evil mate, they will wear the most worried face on the planet, like a grade-schooler shit his pants during the class.
actor chess player chesscraft

Bullet freak

He'll make a move just before you make yours (yeah, just like chuck norris), regardless if it is a blitz or standard game, but one thing I notice they are also the fastest gone of the playing hall when lost.
chess kid intimidating


For them, earth would revolve eternally and your time waiting is worth the masterpiece he is about to unleash, they will analyze the same variation over and over until you fainted, the gesture of making a move enough bring down the angels singing.
chess thinker

The sitting duck (the rabbit)
We love hunting these, helps a lot in building our confidence.
bird playing chess

You will see them occasionally whispering something, staring blank at the board as if they are praying the rosary.

old man chess
I hope he won't see.

Pokemon (Pocket monster)
The most dangerous of them all, you'll never know who you against to once he's backed from the comfort room.

chess cheating

The hard loser
Will never shake your hand when beaten(be cautious if they will).
chuck norris chess club

The romantic
Will sacrifice unsoundly every chance they can get,

romantic chess
Pienso en ti todo el tiempo.
The sponsor
Loved by chess hustlers, they are willing to lose tons of money in a match game, the only trouble is that they seem to have bottomless pockets.


  1. this is what chess is all about. you have to be very careful when you are making the next move while playing. I am not a good player of chess by the way, but still i love it.:)

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