Friday, September 16, 2011

Famous people who plays chess

Jessica Simpson and Billy Corgan  of Smashing Pumpkins, became addicted to chess after billy taught him how, the weekly session became regular ritual.
jessica simpson celebrity playing chess

Leonardo diCaprio, best known for his lead role in titanic,  was recently being seen in public playing chess with a chess clock.

leonardo di caprio celebrity playing chess

Nicholas Cage, member of Internet Chess Club (ICC) himself, seeing the valuable lessons can be learned from chess, he sent his son Weston to Robert Snyder to take chess lessons.
nicholas cage celebrity playing chess

Ben Affleck, is an American actor, film director, writer, and producer, he plays chess at the Bel Air Chess Club, where Julia Roberts is also a member.

ben affleck celebrity playing chess

Bill Gates, though it is really no surprise to hear that geeks plays chess, but for a multi-billion dollar man might.
bill gates celebrity playing chess

Princess Diana, Having a fair (if not good) understanding of chess, Princess Diana was quoted in an interview referring to his ex-husband after their divorce.
"I don't know. But it was there to injure me and to hurt me. It was the first time that I experienced this sort of thing: what it meant to be outside the safety net and not to be a part of the family any more. My husband naturally held all the best cards. That was like in a game of poker, or a game of chess."

princess diana celebrity playing chess

Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States of America, he is enthusiastic about chess that he wrote the "The Morals of Chess".

benjamin franklin celebrity playing chess

John Lennon, the name reminds of his wonderful songs, and my favorite is "Imagine".

john lennon celebrity playing chess

Frank Sinatra, enjoyed chess so much that he got his own pieces made for him, he really wants it "My way"

frank sinatra celebrity playing chess

Will Smith, in an interview
"It is cool to play chess. My father taught me how to play chess at seven and introduced beautiful concepts that I try to pass on to my kids. The elements and concepts of life are so perfectly illustrated on a chess board. The ability to accurately assess your position is the key to chess, which I also think is the key to life." He pauses, searching for an example. "Everything you do in your life is a move. You wake up in the morning, you strap on a gun, and you walk out on the street – that's a move. You've made a move and the universe is going to respond with its move. Whatever move you're going to make in your life to be successful, you have to accurately access the next couple of moves – like what's going to happen if you do this? Because once you've made your move, you can't take it back. The universe is going to respond."
will smith celebrity playing chess

Manilyn Monroe, the lovely lady in mono-colored, subway-vent skirt blowup, haven't seen it yet? I pity this generation.
manilyn monroe celebrity playing chess

Keannu Reeves, long before he was known as Neo,he was a chess hustler in Toronto, and played in his Highschool Team.
keannu reeves celebrity playing chess

Albert Einstein, if you want to see how a known genius takes chess, see game below

William Shakespeare is an english poet, playwright and widely regarded as the greatest english writer. in his
In The Taming of the Shrew Katharine says:
“I pray you sir, is it your will,
To make a stale of me amongst these mates?”
william shakespeare celebrity playing chess


  1. Dude that Einstein game was pretty instructive actually. 13. Nxg6 and 21. Nc4 were great for me to see!

  2. Chess is one thing which I wish I know how to play as it opens your thought process. No wonder these celebs are intelligent from others. Thank you for sharing it