Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Most expensive chess sets

Who wouldn't want to play their favorite game (chess), in glittering and valuable metals and precious stones, and who can resist?

Renault F1 Team Collection Chess Set
This collection is a dream come true for the ultimate gamer, especially so for the gamer that shares passion for both the adrenalin rush of Formula 1 and the classical battle of chess.
The pieces of this beautifully crafted set are actually parts of the Renault car – the suspension, hubs, uprights, wings and cockpit sitting.
The genuine engine pieces of titanium, stainless steel, aircraft specification aluminium and carbon fiber have literally felt the heat of Formula 1, and sit coolly on 64 squares of sterling silver and leather.[source]
Renault F1 Team Collection Chess Set
US $41,600 approx.
Carolingi XIV Chess Pieces
It takes you back to the ages of Goths and Visigoths who invaded Europe and overran Anglo Saxons and also the Slavs.
The chess pieces are made of gold and remind you of all the historic treasures plundered by the so called great kings. The chess pieces are designed to remind you of the Ottoman invasion of the Balkans and the confrontation between the Christians and the Moslems. [source]

carolingi chess set expensive chess set chess craft

Art of war chess set.
The Art of War Chess Set tailored with a mesmerizing arrangement of gold and precious jewels is a truly magnificent piece. The exquisite gold and rhodium custom-jeweled chess pieces are creations that bring striking new life to the timeless game. The elegant inlaid custom chess board, fashioned with rich gold handles incrusted with a luminous 21 jeweled arrangement makes for a visual masterpiece that is second to none. If you are looking for an incredible gift for someone special, or simply looking for a display that is guaranteed to catch the attention of visitors, this chess set is guaranteed leave viewers speechless. This beautiful culmination of design, element, and class is an exceptional commodity and is only available through For further inquiries, including the history behind the set. [source]
art of war chess set chesscraft
price is on bid, but they declined the $750,000 dollar offer from Indonesia.

Charles Hollander diamond chess set

What if you can’t beat the opponent at the game of chess… you can still win the game the other way round when the game is being played on this gold and diamond chess set. New in Charles Hollander collection who earlier wooed everyone with their $5million Chess Set, the chess set is made out of gold and the king and queen are set with diamonds. And, this time the king and queen actually feature fake figurines to make the game even more interesting. No word on price can still be had but we will keep you posted. [source]

Charles Hollander diamond chess set

Jewel Royale chess set
We have earlier told you about the $36,000 Luxury Chess Set at Asprey’s in Tokyo. And, if you thought that was the priciest chess set of all then you have yet not heard of this $9.8 million (over £5 million) Jewel Royale Chess Set from Boodles, a British custom jewelry company. This exquisite chess set is constructed of gold and platinum and it is decorated with 73 rubies, 146 sapphires and no less than 748 diamonds. Each piece is made from 18 carat yellow gold and encrusted with precious stones. The king alone is worth more than £100,000. Apparently, there will be a limited number of replica sets selling for about $26,700. [source]

jewel royale chess set expensive chess set chesscraft
Chessboard filled with gold, silver and diamonds

Jewel royale chess queen expensive chess set chesscraft
Made with 24k gold ruby and diamonds.
An army that would serve their royale master.


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  3. Great collection and I sure wish I could write stories for these pictures!Look how lovely these are. I wish I could draw like this. I will miss you, my sweet friend. Looking forward to when you're back.I really appreciate all your comments, thank you! I’m back behind my desk and hope to start blogging again and catching up with all your lovely blogs in the coming days.............

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  4. I am amazed to see the Most expensive chess sets in the world. Chess is already a very expensive game but I nver know that chess sets are also more expensive. They are looking like made from crystal.

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