Thursday, October 6, 2011

Famous movies chess scene

Its always a treat to see chess scenes while watching a good movie (at least for chesscrafters). And so I hoarded some of the chess scenes from good (if not great) movies.

Here is another post movies about chess if ever you prefer to see movies in which chess is the star.

Twilight - Breaking Dawn [2011]
Not so many teens of this generation have missed the romance between Bella a hot geeky babe and Edward, a mysterious hunk vampire, on this scene we see Edward playing the blood-red pieces.
Twilight breaking dawn edward and bella playing chess chesscraft

Austin Powers: The spy who shagged me [1999]
Austin is playing chess with Ivana Humpalot (hump-a-lot), and became sexually aroused, this scene is actually a spoof of a "The Thomas Crown Affair".

Independence day [1996]
The second highest worldwide gross of all time, with almost $900 million dollar, a great movie about aliens earth invasion, but thanks to Will Smith (a real-life chess enthusiast), luckily he's there to save the day.

The chess scene was filmed in a New York park, but the most unforgettable scene was the alien's gigantic spaceship's laser blast of Washington D.C.
independence day playing chess new york city park chesscraft

007: From Russia with love [1963]
The movie Nigel mentions, From Russia with Love, was produced in 1963. One of the villains is Kronsteen, played by Vladek Sheybal, master plotter for the terror organisation SPECTRE. Kronsteen is also a world-class chess player who, when asked if his plan would be successful, replies: "It will be. I've anticipated every possible variation of countermove." And Bond's colleague, the Turkish operative Kerim Bey, says of him: "These Russians are great chess players. When they wish to execute a plot, they execute it brilliantly. The game is planned minutely, the gambits of the enemy are provided for."

james bond playing chess movie chesscraft

X-men first class [2011]
The prequel of X-men shows how Charles Xavier and Erik Lenscher (Magneto) friendship turned to hostility, but it wasn't chess to blame. Erik's thirst for revenge to the ones responsible to the death of his mother, consumed him.

magneto vs xavier chess xmen chesscraft
Harry Potter [2001]
Based from the book written by J.K Rowlings , tells about the adventures of Harry Potter in the wizardy school Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

A giant Wizard's Chessboard was the third-to-last layer of security for the Philosopher's Stone. Harry played as one of the black bishops, Hermione as a rook, and Ron as a Knight. Using his extensive knowledge of chess, Ronald Weasley managed to get him, Harry, and Hermione Granger across, ultimately sacrificing himself to the White Queen so that Harry could checkmate the King. 

harry potter chess scene chesscraft

Dawn of the dead [2004]
In George Romero's excellent remake of the zombie classic Dawn of the Dead, we see two characters, Andy (pictured) and Kenneth, on two rooftops playing correspondence chess with binoculars and cue cards. Why are they doing this? Well there are thousands of zombies between them and not a whole lot else to do.
dawn of the dead playing chess zombies watching chesscraft

Lucky Number Slevin [2006]
is a decent movie with fast-paced, smart dialogue and, coincidentally, Ben Kingsley who played the chess teacher Bruce Pandolfini in Searching for Bobby Fischer. He plays a jewish mobster here. But I digress. Morgan Freeman, aka "The Boss" (pictured) challenges Slevin (Josh Hartnett) to a game of chess as a chance to pay off a debt. Bruce Willis has a role and also plays against The Boss. We don't see too much, but it's still a nice nod.

morgan freeman playing chess lucky number slevin chesscraft

The Thomas Crown affair [1968]
The movie revolves around Thomas Crown, A millionaire and sportsman trying to pull off a perfect crime, by robbing a money from a bank, on the course comes Vicki Anderson an independent insurance investigator  who swear to retrieve the money.

The chess game between Thomas and Vicki is intimate, adding the great musical score "The Chess Game".

thomas crown affair erotic chess scene chesscraft


  1. I have watched the movie many times. I like playing chess but can never win. Looks like I need to focus and learn some new techniques.

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